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Fire barrier
inspection service

Take total control of your worksite

Fire barrier inspection

Take total control of your worksite


Make Legault-Dubois your ally and avoid additional costs. Non-continuous or inadequately sealed fire separation will not protect the building’s occupants because it can result in a rapid spread of the fire. Unfortunately, these deficiencies are often detected too late, after a fire as occurred. In business for over 20 years, the experts of Legault-Dubois have made several inspections of fire separations and building outer shells. Whether you’re an intumescing product manufacturer or a contractor, if you represent an architectural firm or an insurance company, put the Legault-Dubois experience at your service!

Specialized in fire barrier inspections, our experts will help you with:

The study of plans
The development of effective methods of execution
The interpretation of the articles from the Quebec construction Code
The compliance verification of existing fire separations
The coaching of the subcontractors for the application of fire separations
The on-site quality-control of fire separation work
The writing of insightful inspection reports
The supervision of the remedial work


Our fire barrier inspection and support service allows you ...

inspection bâtiment séparations coupe-feu inspection des séparations coupe-feu

…to obtain from the subcontractors the material you paid for and the work quality you’re entitled to

inspection bâtiment séparations coupe-feu inspection des séparations coupe-feu

…to avoid costly remedial work caused by deficiencies discovered by the recognized authorities (RBQ, GCR, GIR, architects, etc.)

inspection bâtiment séparations coupe-feu inspection des séparations coupe-feu

…to reduce the burden of tasks and responsibilities of your worksite manager

inspection bâtiment séparations coupe-feu inspection des séparations coupe-feu

…to minimize complaints from occupants for odor diffusion between units

inspection bâtiment séparations coupe-feu inspection des séparations coupe-feu

…to make the best decisions based on the deficiencies and remedial work progress information compiled in a clear report

inspection bâtiment séparations coupe-feu inspection des séparations coupe-feu

…a quick access to our experts in concordance with your production schedule


The Legault-Dubois experts have mastered the multiples articles of the construction Code concerning fire separation requirements and help building professionals apply them. Regardless of the size of the building, the progress of the work or your specific needs; our experts in fire separations are there to support you from beginning to end!


Major renovation work / new construction

Our team of specialists in fire separations eases the burden of site managers so they ca focus on their many other tasks. Over the years, we have conducted plan studies, compliance inspections, and remedial work follow-ups on over a hundred buildings. Let your team do what they do best: entrust this challenging aspect to our specialists!

Fire barrier protection in building

Existing buildings / odor diffusion problem

With more than 40 inspection and problem diagnostic completed cases in direct relation to fire separations and air tightness, our specialists have developed an unrivaled expertise! We have performed leak detection of fire separation, analysis of the causes behind odor diffusion problems using specialized instruments and supervision of remedial work.


Development and formation delivery on Part 3 of the construction Code

Thanks to our experience, legault-Dubois has been mandated by the Corporation of municipal building and environment officers (COMBEQ) to develop and deliver a formation on Part 3 of the Quebec construction Code. Our specialists dissect you and explain the various elements of this part of the Code and offer training tailored to the specific needs of your team and project.


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