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For An Efficient And Odor-free Drain

For an efficient and odor-free drain

When a plumbing fixture (kitchen sink, bathroom sink, etc.) is seldom use or not use, there is a great risk that the water in its p-trap will evaporate or empty, allowing the sewer odors to escape. Simply pouring a sufficient amount of water into the drain will fill the p-trap and prevent unpleasant odors from circulating. It is recommended to run water periodically into the drains of the appliances you use less.

Ensure the durability of your home

Our inspection services allow you to know your building better and plan the right work at the right time.

The same applies to floor drains, especially the basement drains. Pouring water regularly into the p-trap of these drains will solve odor problems. A little trick to avoid evaporation from a floor drain is to pour a little mineral oil into it. The oil does not mix with water and forms a protective layer over the water which prevents its evaporation.

It is strongly recommended to never put used oils, greases or chemicals into sinks and sinks, especially if your home has a septic system for treating your wastewater. These products can harm plastics components of the plumbing under the drains or impair the proper functioning of the septic system

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