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So That Your Gutters Run Smoothly…

So that your gutters run smoothly…

It is not uncommon for the buyer of a new house to be given a house without gutters and downspouts because, contrary to what many of us may believe, their installation is not part of the requirements of the Construction code. However, an adequate system of rain gutters and downspouts is an excellent way of directing rainwater or snowmelt away from the building and at the same time reducing the erosion that could occur near the foundation.

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If your house already has its gutter system, make sure the water flows well and is directed away from the building. If not, we strongly suggest that you install gutters taking into consideration the following information :

Gutters should be installed taking into account that the slope should be 3 to 6 mm per linear meter (⅛ to ¼ in. Every 3.3 ft.) to allow water to flow freely. The depth of the gutters will depend on the slope of the roof but, as a general rule, most residential buildings will be well served by 125 mm (5 “) gutters.

At the bottom of the downspouts splash pad should be installed or downspout extension to keep water away as much as possible from the foundation and thus avoid precipitation creating depressions where water is likely to accumulate. This reduces the risk of water infiltration into the basement.

Another point not to be overlooked is to ensure that the roof extension does not meet the gutters. Omitting this detail can have unpleasant consequences such as the accumulation of snow and ice that can cause significant damage to your gutters as well as promote water infiltration.

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