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Avoid Unnecessary Damage To Your Outdoor Faucets

Avoid unnecessary damage to your outdoor faucets

Although most of our modern homes are equipped with an exterior anti-freeze faucet system, there are still some small precautions to take as the cold season approaches. An anti-freeze faucet at first glance looks like standard faucets, but unlike the regular faucet, it is designed to be installed outdoors because it has a stem that shut off the water inside the heated building.

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It then becomes impossible for the winter cold to reach the water which is on the warm side of the exterior wall of the house while a slight inclination allows it to drain the water that could have remained inside the pipe.

At the beginning of the winter, before the temperature drops below the freezing point, it is important to ensure that you turn off the faucet by turning it clockwise.  

However, if your home is equipped with a standard faucet and does not have a stem to close the water inside the heated building, you must do it yourself by closing the interior valve provided for this purpose. Then you must purge the faucet before covering it for winter.

As for the garden hose, it is strongly recommended that it be wrapped and stored in a warm place, if possible. This precaution will allow you to keep it longer. Never leave the hose in place when the temperature threatens to fall below the freezing point. By doing so, you run the risk that if there is water remaining inside the hose, it will freeze and damage the hose and the faucet. In such a case, damage is almost inevitable.

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