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Attic: Do Not Let This Mysterious Space Make You Sick

Attic: do not let this mysterious space make you sick

A study by Chalmers University found that 72% of homes with cold attics have excessive humidity and a strong presence of mold. In other words, only 1 in 4 houses does not have attic related problem. What about you, do you know if your attic is in good shape? Fortunately, there is a simple and effective method to identify attic problems. Read our article to discover the 3 main signs to look for to avoid health complications for you and your family.

Yes, the space above your head contains its lot of ghost. It’s up to you to discover them by inspecting your attic at least once a year. But before you get up there, it is important to ensure your safety and to protect yourself with a disposable respirator mask and safety goggles. You’re not comfortable moving around in the attic? No problem: you can stay in the attic access door and, with a powerful flashlight, check the entire space with special attention to the following signs:

  1. Wooden elements… the wrong color

The materials inside the attic should not be affected by water from precipitations or water vapor coming from inside the building. A very revealing indication of a problematic situation is the presence of wood elements that are not of the right color. For example, dark brown circles often indicate the presence of water infiltration or excessive condensation. The black or whitish spots, for their part, are in many cases mold proliferation. The presence of these microscopic mushrooms inside a building represents a significant risk for the health of the occupants. It is therefore important to determine the cause behind these problems in order to correct the situation effectively.

Mold in the attic
  1. Rust on nails, frost or water

Metallic nails oxidize when water is present. The presence of rust on nails and other metal elements in the attic often indicates a problem of water infiltration or excessive humidity due to the formation of condensation. A wet wall or visible droplets are signs that do not lie. In winter, this will be betrayed by the presence of frost on the nails or the plywood of the roof. Also, take a look at the insulation: dripping droplets from condensation or water infiltration leave traces that remain visible even when dry.

Frost in the attic
  1. The presence of vermin or insects

The presence of parasites such as small rodents or insects can affect the building, create damage or cause health problems for the occupants (click here to read our article on the subject). Signs such as the presence of excrement, dead bodies or pieces of flattened insulation indicate that critters are occupying the space above your head. Faced with these signs, it is recommended to contact an extermination company that can identify the invasive species and treat the problem effectively and safely.

Signs of rodents and insects in the attic

If you notice any of the signs described in this article or would like to hire one of our attic specialists to perform the inspection for you, click here to contact us. A quick intervention following the first indications of a problem will prevent you from having to manage a disproportionate situation down the road, because as the saying goes: better safe than sorry.

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