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Beware Of Trees Too Close To Your House

Beware of trees too close to your house

Presence of mature, deciduous trees near a building can cause various problems, depending on the tree type and soil.

First, branches that touch the roof and walls as well as leaves build-up in gutters can cause direct damage and premature wear of these elements. This promotes water infiltration and hastens normal maintenance expenses.

Then, the ground may contain soil that has the distinction of shrinking according to its water content, such as clay. Trees roots may then cause the soil to dry and could create movements in the building foundation. Dry soil is also one of the main causes of foundation cracks. Finally, big roots can damage sanitary drains and be responsible for water damage in the basement.

To avoid the worst, it is recommended to frequently prune trees near the building so the branches and the leaves are not in contact with it. During heat waves, water the soil near trees to prevent the soil from drying. Ideally, consult a licensed landscaping contractor that will evaluate the situation and determine corrective measures, such as the soil humidity level to maintain and removal of harmful plants.

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