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Attic Problem: Symptoms Associated With Too Much Humidity

Attic problem: Symptoms associated with too much humidity

According to a study by the University of Chalmers, 72 per cent of our attics and roofs have moisture-related problems. Read this article or view our french home improvement capsule from our building experts to learn more about the types of symptoms that can be found inside the attic that can affect the health of occupants.

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When we talk about the attic, we’re talking about anything that’s in the area of our building that’s above our heads between the top floor ceiling and the roof covering.

When you go through the access hatch into the attic, everything should look healthy inside the attic. If you encounter any stains, rings or other signs that may be associated with water infiltration or moisture in the attic, then you should ask yourself some questions. For example, if you see darker stains around the nails that attach the roof covering this is a sign that there may be condensation and frost forming on the nails during the winter. This frost that forms on the nails in winter will make little pellets of ice that, when they melt, will moisten the wood and affect its composition and colour.

This same phenomenon can be seen more extensively in some places, as in the example below where we see that a good part of the roof deck is covered with frost. Or, it can be seen in a completely extended manner over the entire roof deck. In other words, if we go up inside the attic and notice a situation like this, these are signs that there is a serious problem with condensation and humidity in the attic.

Condensation or moisture in the roof attic necessarily means mold formation. Mold will form on wood or any putrescible element when there is a sufficient concentration of water or water vapour. In the attic of the roof, if you find yourself with places where you see the appearance of small black spots as shown in the image below, you are in the presence of mold formation. As we all know, mold can be harmful to the health of occupants, even if it is found inside the attic of the roof. It can still travel through the various openings between the building and the attic and affect indoor air quality.

If you have any questions about this video or any other problem associated with your building, please contact us. At Legault-Dubois, our experts are here to help you find the exact causes of the various problems you may encounter, and also to provide you with solutions that are impartial so that the problem does not come back and you can sleep soundly.

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