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Pests: Make Sure Your Attic Remains Uninhabited

Pests: Make sure your attic remains uninhabited

Despite their sometimes repulsive aspect, bees, bats, ants or even spiders all have an important role to play in nature. As long as mice remain in  fields and birds in the trees, everything is for the best in the best of worlds. It is when these creatures sneak behind the siding, in walls or attics of our homes that real trouble begins. Read our review and see the extent of damage that could cause a pest in your home.

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During an energy audit at one or our client’s house (let’s call the owner Mr. Wayne), our technician discovered a worrying stain on the wall of a room on the second floor. Since this situation was beyond the scope of the energy audit to which we were appointed, a second visit was planned for this issue alone. This time, our mandate was to find the source of this particular problem, determine the causes and propose solutions to eliminate it.

We then made an opening in the wall where the stain was first seen in order to have a look at what was behind it. Upon removal of the drywall, a rain of grayish particles fell on our expert. Microbial analysis of fifteen samples taken on site will later confirm  that it was “guano”…bats excrement. Yet during a previous visit to the attic, none of these creatures has been sighted.

Image 1. Bat excrement are clearly visible in the cavity of the wall on the second floor of the house

According to Mr. Wayne, the roof and the attic have undergone major work a few months ago, which is why bats are no longer able to get inside the building. Unfortunately, the damage is done, and our client is facing a serious contamination problem. Worse, other exploratory holes demonstrate that the problem has spread to all the peripheral parts of the second floor.

Various available research reports  dealing with mold and bat droppings are categorical: the droppings of birds and bats create a favorable environment for the development of diseases such as histoplasmosis that affects human organs. Caused by inhaling spores of fungus Histoplasma capsulatum appointed, this infectious disease primarily affects the lungs. Eliminated in bat droppings and can persist for several years depending on the environment, inhaled spores settle in the lungs and can cause symptoms similar to flu, tuberculosis, or death depending on the severity infection.

 In our case, the laboratory that carried out the sample analysis confirmed that we were in a worrying situation and occupants living in this environment could develop serious health problems such as asthma and pneumonia. Major renovations are undertaken to open all the walls, floors and ceiling. Following a rigorous decontamination protocol, the contractor removes and replaces all contaminated items. After the long work done, we proceed to a second round of analysis. Results: the decontamination protocol was effective.

Without the watchful eye of our evaluator, this serious problem of contamination might have remained ignored and the health of the family of Mr. Wayne could have suffer. Although it is never pleasant to have to destroy and rebuild, it is always better to know and manage a problem than living in ignorance and see our health and that of our family suffer. Your building speaks to you; Make sure to remain attentive and take action before the situation deteriorates.

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